Wuppertal family business in 5th generation

We have been dyeing since 1897 now in the 5th generation according to the traditional Wuppertal dyeing process. In 1991, Stapperfend Beschichtungs GmbH was founded with the aim of adding a further processing stage to the previous one for narrow fabrics. This high-grade finishing stage also includes silicone coatings of all kinds, which are used, for example, in the field of bandages and prostheses and meet the highest medical standards. The creation of a corporate alliance with Robert Dahlmanns GmbH & Co KG was the logical and consistent step towards becoming a system provider. In 2017, Stapperfend Beschichtungs GmbH took over the orders of Dahlmanns & Weskott GmbH to now be a full-stage finishing production.

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Luisa Dahlmanns

managing director

Frank Klinkau

dyeing manager

History of the company

Foundation of the company Robert Dahlmanns Gmb H & Co. KG
by Robert Dahlmanns (1st generation) as a dyeing business, in the still present production facility at Friedrich- Engels-Allee 215-217, 42285 Wuppertal, Germany
Peter Dahlmanns (4th generation) joins the company
Foundation of Stapperfend Beschichtungs GmbH
by Robert Dahlmanns GmbH & Co KG, Julius Boos jr. GmbH & Co KG und Axel Stapperfend,
Chief executive: Dipl. Ing. Peter Dahlmanns
Company relocation
in the work of the Robert Dahlmanns GmbH & Co KG.
Merger of both companies
Start as a system provider for the finishing of textile narrow fabrics and knitted fabrics: dyeing, finishing, high-grade finishing and silicone coating
of all shares of Stapperfend Beschichtungs GmbH by the managing director Peter Dahlmanns.
Death of Heinz Robert Dahlmanns (3rd generation)
Foundation of Dahlmanns & Weskott GmbH & Co. KG
25th company anniversary of Stapperfend Beschichtungs GmbH
Takeover of Dahlmanns & Weskott GmbH & Co. KG
as a fully integrated finishing production facility
Luisa Dahlmanns joins the company
as plant manager
Death of the previous managing director Peter Dahlmanns
Takeover as managing director Luisa Dahlmanns (5th generation)


With 18 employees, we produce on 15 coating lines, 16 dyeing lines and one cylinder finishing machine at the Robert Dahlmanns GmbH & Co. KG in Wuppertal


Almost all materials can be coated with silicone: Polyamide, polyester, cotton, viscose, acetate, acrylic, fiberglass, but we also welcome other substrates. In our dyeing factory we mainly process polyamide tape and cotton.

Coating types

We have about 500 different coating options. Stripes, wavy lines, dots and flat silicone coatings are possible on narrow textiles up to a fabric width of 600mm.

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