Doctrine of the household of nature

Ecological action

Ecological action ( Greek oikos “house, household” and logos “teaching” ) has top priority for Stapperfend Beschichtungs GmbH. Environmental, safety and health concerns are among the most important targets of the entire company group and are constantly monitored. The formulation of environmental protection as one of our core values, the consistent improvement of our way of acting and the training of our employees in this respect are the basis of our activities.

Human protection

To protect people and the environment, we were one of the first companies to abandon the use of biocritical products and consistently eliminate ecologically questionable finishing processes in our production. We attach the greatest importance to human-compatible products.

Our firm conviction that we can protect people and the environment led to a critical review of production and products in our group of companies at an early stage. Biologically critical components and ecologically questionable processing methods have been completely eliminated. Compliance with the standards now required by law is ensured by specially trained safety experts. Regular training and further education measures always guarantee the latest status.

We primarily coat textiles that are worn directly on the skin. In addition to tapes and laces for the corsetry, lingerie and swimwear industries, medical stockings and bandages in particular require compliance with the highest dermatological and allergological standards. Our companies have been awarded several times for innovative improvement measures in occupational health and safety by the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for Electrical, Textile and Precision Engineering.


highest quality

We are certified with the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 for baby products. The label is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

What does the label say?

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